A Windward Spring 2020

We May Be Stuck at Home, But We Don’t Have to be Stuck…

40 Activities to do at Home While Social Distancing

Family is a truly wonderful thing. But not everyone still has kids at home or others still in your home. For those that do here are a few things to think about, for those that don’t we can still find many ways to adjust some of these activities to bring joy into your current situation. They are the ones we go to that can truly help us feel connected and anchored in our lives. They help us feel true love and bonding. And being with family is where we learn how to communicate and build strong relationships with other humans. Sure, there are many times when we need to be serious, but there are many times when we need to have fun together! Fun times really help a family bond! But have you ever really had so much fun that you spend the whole night laughing and snorting?

Here are some of the things on my to-do list:

  1. Read a book 8 Books for Moms in All Stages of Mommyhood
  2. Call a friend or two (make a list set a time and call)
  3. Exercise more (schedule it)
  4. Reconnect with your spouse (micro dates in the back yard, in your bedroom, or even in the shower)
  5. Host a virtual wine night with friends on Zoom (play pictionary, bible trivia, gestures, taboo,)
  6. Learn a languageClick here to purchase Rosetta Stone on Amazon or check out this post with ideas to study a new language for free. 
  7. Eat family dinner together every night 
  8. Journal (even if is only 5 minutes, some will do a unpublished video log)
  9. Spring clean10 Household Items You’re Not Cleaning Often Enough
  10. Declutter the houseClick here for our 4 week decluttering challenge with free printable calendar!
  11. Plant a gardenClick here for a guide to 15 plants you can regrow from kitchen scraps
  12. Cook dinner every nightHome cooked meals are often healthier (because you know what’s in them) and cheaper than restaurants or fast food!
  13. Fix things around the house that are broken
  14. Spend one-on-one time with each of your kidsSome of our favorite activities are making slime and kid-friendly yoga.
  15. Work on your budget
  16. Start a side hustleCheck out my guide How to Start a Mom Blog 
  17. Movie night
  18. Family game night
  19. Write letters to friends and family
  20. Read the Bible
  21. Arts and crafts with the kids
  22. Give yourself a pedicure
  23. Take a bath — an actual bath where you take time to relax and enjoy it!
  24. Skype with family
  25. Sing karaoke
  26. Do a puzzle
  27. Make a family scrapbook
  28. Dress up for dinner
  29. Have a dance party
  30. Learn a new skill —  Try a Masterclass or search for free YouTube tutorials!
  31. Get caught up on laundry finally
  32. Write a book
  33. Binge watch a new TV series
  34. Paint something
  35. Rearrange a room in your home
  36. Build a blanket fort with the kids
  37. Go for a walk 10 Reasons Walking is the Perfect Exercise
  38. Celebrate a holidayClick here for our list of 105 Unique Holidays for Kids!
  39. Work on an adult coloring book
  40. Baking —  this is our favorite cookie recipe!